Thursday 16th March 2017 was no ordinary day – it was the ‘BBC News School Report Day’.  Whilst students involved with ‘The Wyvern’, our school newspaper, took part in workshops in school, four of our students had been selected to take part in the day’s events at the BBC Studios in Salford. 

These fortunate few worked hard all morning creating their very own BBC Sports bulletin, editing, scripting, lining up clips, pretending to present pieces to camera and creating voice overs.  Then came lunch and a chance to relax and refresh – little did they know what lay in store!

With just ten minutes until the 1.30pm edition of BBC Sport following the lunchtime BBC News, the producers told us that the boys had ‘wowed’ the BBC staff with their skill and hard work and as a result they wanted the boys to present their bulletin LIVE TO THE NATION!  

The boys took this completely in their stride blew us all away with a confident and skilful performance both on and off screen – as I’m sure you’ll agree!

With the whole studio buzzing with excitement, the producers couldn’t get enough and asked our Fab Foursome if they wouldn’t mind doing it all over again at 2.30.  This time it was Ryan and Peter’s turn to present so with a little time to practice reading lines from the script – but having never actually sat in front of the cameras – and a quick dusting of face powder from the glamorous make-up assistant, the cameras were rolling once again.

Yet again the BBC staff were “genuinely impressed” by the boys.  They had progressed from just a few hours earlier being shy of hearing their own voices as they spoke into a ‘lip-mic’, and repeatedly mispronouncing “Boro” (which we were still laughing about all the way home!) to commanding such presence on camera in front of a potential 60 million viewers.

 In addition to this, having heard of the fantastic work that had been going on throughout the event (and no doubt, of our students’ tremendous skill in front of the cameras) the BBC News crew also wanted a piece of the action.  Once again, with a moment’s notice, the four boys found themselves in the spot light, this time with no scripts or autocue to fall back.  As before, they handled it with grace and pizazz answering questions and cracking jokes!

Word of our Fab Foursome was beginning to spread and soon they were being interviewed about their experience by other School Report students. (Which can be seen in the image below.)