Every pupil at Wyvern Academy will encounter the level of challenge they need to excel. For the most able and talented pupils, they will receive a greater level of challenge to accelerate their development in accordance with their potential.

The Rising Stars Programme

Here at Wyvern Academy, the aim is to ensure our more able and talented pupils enter our Rising Stars programme. Below are the three different types of criteria:

  • Top N/C levels in a subject area;
  • Competing in a sport to a district, county or national level;
  • Teacher assessment of exceptional talent in any curriculum area.

Academic Excellence

Wyvern Academy identifies the highest performers in each subject and how they perform in relation to the national average. Pupils who join Wyvern Academy in year 7 are assessed through baseline testing and by comparing their Key Stage 2 performance with the average results. This process will be revisited termly for all pupils.

The Rising Stars programme has resulted in the identification and fulfilment of potential in many pupils since its launch at Wyvern Academy. Early recognition of extremely talented pupils will enable them to achieve superb results that can lead to outstanding futures.

Sporting Stars

Pupils who demonstrate an ability beyond their years need to be given a greater challenge if they are to one day represent their district, county or country. Here at Wyvern Academy, we attempt to identify young talent as early as possible. PE teachers and the coaches of our sports clubs are constantly evaluating pupils to uncover new talents.

Those identified receive access to specialist coaching and can move on to better teams to further their development. Additional attention will be available either inside or outside of lessons.

Ask us about the Able and Talented Programme by calling on 01325 351377 or emailing adminoffice@wyvernacademy.org.