Pupils at Wyvern Academy will learn from a broad Design and Technology curriculum designed to give them a wide base of skills. Current subjects include graphics, , resistant materials and home economics. Pupils who demonstrate high-level skills can study each of those at Key Stage 4. Keep reading for more details on the Wyvern Academy design and technology department.

Developing Skills at Key Stage 3

Key Stage 3 is focused on giving pupils the building blocks to succeed at GCSE level. For instance, graphics will be vital to pupils who want to use technical drawing skills within their GCSE projects. Therefore, pupils will be taught how to accurately design projects by sharpening their drawing skills.

Wyvern Academy pupils are very well prepared for GCSE Design and Technology. By creating their own products within controlled assessments, pupils are able to learn the process of creating solutions for specific design briefs. This ensures they are confident and prepared to advance to GCSE level.

Year 7 home economics begins by introducing pupils to the concepts of nutrition, hygiene, and health and safety. Those fundamental principles will help pupils to grasp the importance of eating healthily and nutritiously. Pupils will go on to hone equipment skills, practical knowledge and an understanding of consumables. There will then be an option to start GCSE home economics in key stage 4.

Key Stage 4 Design & Technology

At Wyvern Academy, pupils understand how to excel at working within briefs that call for research, ideas, design, manufacture and evaluation. This methodical process will set them up for success in a subject that will challenge them with coursework, design briefs and exams.

Wyvern Academy pupils get to develop the skills for their chosen design and technology GCSE in key stage 3, which gives them advanced preparation ahead of year 10. Current options include graphics, resistant materials and home economics. Developing these skills early is what makes the difference between good and excellent grades.

Wyvern Academy is here to answer any Design and Technology queries. Call on 01325 351377 or email adminoffice@dsms.org.