Summer 2017 GCSE Exams

The window for these exams will start on 15th May 2017 and end on 28th June 2017

Centre Number

The centre number for Wyvern Academy is 43203. This will remain the same for all exams.

Candidate Number

The pupil’s candidate number is printed on their personal exam timetable. A pupil’s exam number will remain the same throughout their time at Wyvern Academy. All pupils need to remember this 4 digit number.

Mock Exams

The next mock exams for Yr10 and Yr11 will run from Monday 30th January to Friday 3rd February 2017.

No Mobile Phones Poster

Warning to Candidates

Controlled Assessments – Information for Pupils

Written Exam Notice

Online Exam Notice

Any examination queries please contact Miss Barker on the main school number or email at